Alumni Association Form

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  • For Information Update complete from number 1 to 4.
  • For Alumni Association Membership complete from number 1 to 8
1. Biographical Information
2. Would you like to recieve communication from Unisa?
3. Unisa Qualification
4. Employment Details
Self Employed

5. Membership Fee (Minimum amount of R150 p.a.)
(Will be automatically renewed)

6. Stop Order: (For Unisa staff members only)

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7. Payment Method
Debit Order (Action Date 15th)
Debit Order (Action Date 30th)
Please provide your Banking Details: 

8. Direct deposit or EFT payments, use the following account details:

Bank: First National Bank

Name of account: Unisa Foundation

Type of Account: Public Sector Cheque Account

Account number: 62799629062

Branch name: Sunny Park

Branch code: 250645

Swift Code (International Donors) : FIRNZAJJ

NB: Please code your reference as AA/Your ID Number e.g. AA/7201255405086

For international donors: Please code your reference as AA/Student Number


Consent form in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act NO 4 of 2013
I declare that all the particulars furnished by me on this form are true and correct. I undertake to comply with all the rules, regulations and decisions of the university. I, as an alumnus of the university, hereby consent that Unisa may collect, use, distribute, process and communicate my personal information for all required alumni processes pertaining to my membership of the Unisa Alumni Association, which may include, but is not limited to, internal administrative processing, institutional and scholarly research, and third parties rendering database management facility on behalf of the university. I understand that in terms of POPI and other laws of the country, there are instances where my express consent is not necessary in order to permit the processing of personal information, which may be related to investigations, litigation or when personal information is publicly available. I will not hold the university responsible for any improper or unauthorised use of personal information that is beyond its reasonable control. I confirm that I have read the notice and understand the contents thereof.